I2P in Private Browsing Mode(Firefox-Only)

This is an webextension which introduces a set of new "Private Browsing" modes to Firefox-based browsers(Supporting webextensions) that makes it easier to configure a browser to use I2P securely and adds features for making I2P applications easier to use. It does this by isolating I2P-specific settings to Contextual Identities within Firefox, then loading them automatically when the user requests them. It also adds convenience and management features, like an embedded I2P console and Bittorrent integration with clients using the transmission-rpc API.

Privacy Policy

This browser extension does not collect any personal information. It requires access to local storage and browsing data permissions in order to delete them when directed to by the user. This browser extension does not transmit any information to any third party, nor will it, ever.

This browser extension cannot influence telemetry carried out by browser vendors to determine performance in their distribution channels, nor can it mitigate any other browser vendor telemetry.

This browser extension is entirely Free, Open-Source software.


For desktop users this addon is available from addons.mozilla.org, where you will be able to recive automatic updates: I2P in Private Browsing.

Debian Installation:

Should you prefer, it is possible to install this extension system-wide by side-loading it into Debian. You can generate your own deb file by running the command:

    make deb

and then you can install it with:

    sudo apt install ../i2psetproxy.js_*.deb

Bittorrent Download:

The self-hosted plugin is available from bittorrent both within the I2P and Clearnet Bittorrent network(With a web seed to support it in case one goes dead).





Super Extra Important Background Info:

This plugin's viability is directly related to the viability of Mozilla and Tor's work on hardening Firefox itself and of particular interest are the "Uplift" and "Fusion(Firefox Using Onions)" projects.

Links about Project Uplift

Project uplift seems to have largely been accomplished?

Links about Project Fusion

The Other Version

New versions of this extension create an I2P in Private Browsing mode instead, using container tabs.

Since this is a drastic change to the behavior of the old plugin, and since there is no UI a new entry for the new plugin has been made at a new location on addons.mozilla.org.

Android usage:

Use the old version, on either an old version of Firefox(pre-68) or by enabling this custom collection: [Recommended Plugins] https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/collections/14614396/I2P-Browser-Fork/