git clone i2p-release-mirror

This repository holds a complete copy of all the I2P Desktop releases, making it possible to set up a complete mirror of the I2P releases by cloning it into the document root of a web server.

For example, In the case an I2P user install, it allows you to automatically mirror the whole I2P release repository inside I2P with a single command:

git clone $HOME/.i2p/eepsite/docroot/files

Or, for a Debian-style operating system with a package install:

sudo -u i2psvc git clone /var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/eepsite/docroot/files

It can also be cloned and mirrored automatically with eephttpd, using the terminal:

eephttpd -b

or the GUI:


or using Docker:

    docker rm -f i2p.release-mirror; true
    docker run -i -t -d \
        --env samhost="localhost" \
        --env samport=7656 \
        --env args="-r -p 7674 -n eephttpd-release-mirror" \
        --network host \
        --hostname i2p.release-mirror \
        --name i2p.release-mirror \
        --restart always \
        --volume eephttpd-release-mirror:/opt/eephttpd \
        --volume $PWD:/opt/eephttpd/www \

You can also seed torrents of each of the directories, by copying the content of ./releases to your i2psnark directory. Simply:

cp -rv releases/* $HOME/.i2p/i2psnark/

and start the torrents you want to seed.

Adapt these examples to the web server of your choice to instantly mirror all the I2P software.


You can also use the scripts to generate a mirror of I2P releases without cloning the repository from github.

To do this, first download and check in all the files to your mirror using the ./ script with no arguments. Then, run the ./ script with no arguments to generate the index files which turn a Github Page(or static server of any type) into a pseudo-open directory. If you are serving an open directory, skip the second step.